Expense Automation and Mobile AI: Time to Embrace a New Norm

No more compiling expenses at the end of a trip, no more retaining paper receipts, and most importantly every traveler would save hours of time per month. To quote a real-life example of this, one of our clients (PoHwer) saw a reduction in compiling claims from 3-4 hours per month to just 30 minutes for their claimants.

What is surprising is that from a UK perspective, we are a mobile nation. Smartphone usage is near-universal, growing from 52% in 2012 to 87% in 2018 according to a Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey in 2018. It would take a significant shift in mindset to convince finance that expenses can be gathered and claimed on-the-go, rather than at the end.

Author – Concur India
Source – https://www.concur.co.in/newsroom/article/expense-automation-time-to-adopt-a-new-norm1559026831332