FinTrans leverage their deployment methodologies to implement SAP Concur in a flexible approach that best suits our clients’ needs.

Waterfall or Agile, FinTrans have proven methodologies that deliver project success. However, we can also work with client specific methodologies to the same effect of delivering a successful implementation.

Illustration: Program management in the context of SAP Concur deployments

Due to T&E Transformation & SAP Concur SaaS deployment program being global in nature, FinTrans can deliver and scale their support across all the below key components of program & project management:

  • Establish T&E Program Operations
  • Set up and manage the initial T&E rollout plan
  • Understand Program Stakeholder Goals and Expectations
  • Define the PMO approach
  • Mobilised PPM capabilities:
    • Scope & Requirement Management
    • Work Plan and Time Management
    • Quality Management:
      • Adopt & apply FinTrans’ standard Deployment Milestone & Deliverable Checklist
      • Manage Deployment Milestone Deliverable Tracking report
    • Performance & Reporting Management
    • Program Risk & Issue Log Management
    • Stakeholder Expectation Management
    • Vendor/Alliance Partners Management
    • Resource Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Work Environment Management
    • Client Data Protection
  • Determine Delivery Methods
  • Develop the Program Plan
    • Plan the T&E Program Steps, Actions, Timeline and Milestones
    • Establish Program Governance
    • Refine T&E Business Case
    • Mobilise Program Resources (considering split between internal vs. external)
    • Sign off on Program Plan
  • Manage Program Execution
  • Monitor and Control Program

We have defined quality milestones (by deployment phase) as key elements for a consistent quality management as well as program governance. These milestones are tied to clear expectations on deliverable expectations as well as customer management decision making & sign-off.

Illustration: Example of project activities in each phase