Today, CFOs are looking for greater value-added insight from their finance organisations. Competitive pressures and economic conditions are driving organisations to explore opportunities to significantly reduce their operating cost.

FinTrans can help to navigate through those challenges. We deliver quick savings to CFOs through profit recovery and analytics, operating cost reduction, and improved cash flow (for example by ensuring timely expense reimbursement, improved T&E cycle lead time, and delivering process improvements). Also, we are able to provide a fully mobilised and trained BPO capability & services team that is solely dedicated to Travel & Expense, plus recovery and analytics and services for the retained finance function.

Distinctive capabilities:

Our comprehensive, end-to-end approach is backed by scope and flexibility of our highly talented workforce.

  • We can work around the world to take advantage of our global talent pool – our people are our greatest asset and we recruit highly educated, skilled, multi-lingual and motivated professionals.
  • We are capable of delivering consistent services to clients around the world, so services and outcomes are consistent wherever they are delivered from.
  • Appropriate proximity to clients’ global operations as clients want a mix of local, regional and global resources

We have extensive analytics capabilities, using sophisticated tools and techniques for statistical surveying, root-cause analysis and process optimisation. With our proven process framework, FinTrans Solutions deliver highly standardised and scalable BPO Travel and Expense Services in the areas of:

  • Expense Report Auditing & Processing Services
  • Receipt and Supporting Document Handling
  • KPI Reporting Services
  • Transparency Reporting Services

…in order to:

  • Increase process harmonisation and standardisation
  • Increase transparency & internal compliance
  • Reduce fraud
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve operational engines
  • Uncover hidden insights, and
  • Innovate to drive top line growth.

Exceptional People:
FinTrans Solutions’ ability to deliver high performance BPO is rooted in one of our key hallmarks – our exceptional people. We have a diverse range of professionals working in BPO, who have a wide range of professional experiences such as accountants, Cognos report design specialists and Expense subject matter experts.

We also have advanced ongoing programs to support our people, to engage them in the broad range of our BPO services, to continue their professional and individual development and to honour their insights and work.

  • Shaping the workforce:
    • Recruit professionals with deep analytical, functional and domain expertise
    • Manage a vibrant employee referral program – excellent source of new talent
  • Developing capabilities:
    • Provide industry-leading training delivered in a range of ways
    • Have a robust succession planning program to groom future leaders
  • Building our culture:
    • Significantly improved employee engagement
    • Reduced unmanaged attrition
    • Improved productivity and quality

To properly equip our people, FinTrans Solutions have established a rich training culture.

  • Our web-based tools enable people development:
    • FT Career Developer: For referencing job responsibilities and career path opportunities
    • FT Performance Management: For defining objectives, capturing feedback, and career development
    • FT eLearning Library: For individualised curriculum planning around job role/level
  • Multiple options for a given content area to suit needs and preferences:
    • Online training and virtual programs
    • Classroom sessions
    • Additional projects
    • Job rotation
    • Continuing education