Organisations are looking for quantifiable measures that can be used to determine how well company goals are being met. This is particularly the case in the domain of Travel & Expense. Managers can set out a number of KPIs for a project or sales initiative that they can use to identify how well individual employees are performing across the following T&E compliance report categories:

Accrual – Expense Accrual Reports (outstanding liabilities etc.)
Administration – Billed Transaction Reconciliation, Employee Details, Travel Configurations
Audit – Report Level Exception Analysis and Auditing reports
Compliance – Adoption reports, Attendee analysis, Entry Level Exception Analysis, Top Exception Violators
Expense Processing – Approver Statistics, Expense Analysis, Un-submitted Expense Reporting
Finance – Credit Card Transaction and Cash Advance Analysis, Voided Travel
Invoice – Invoice Request Reporting
Spending – Vendor Analysis, Top Spenders by Expense Type and Employee
Trips – Employee Travel and Itinerary Analysis
Vendor – Airfare, Car Rental & Hotel Analysis, Common City Pair Trips

From reviewing employee T&E spend to tracking his/her adherence to the Travel & Expense policy, there are a number of reasons why meaningful reports and derived KPI are an important factorin assisting our client’s growth.

Ability to measure your targets:

Although they may be easily confused, KPIs are not company goals or targets themselves, but they are a measurement of goals and targets. When clients are able to measure their goals this way, it gives them the opportunity to see where they are going wrong and subsequently make decisions that help them reach their goals faster.

Create an Atmosphere of Learning:

Being able to measure targets using KPIs can create an educative atmosphere within our clients’ companies. According to the root cause, the data that is generated by measuring KPIs leads to important conversations within the workplace. When clients notice an unfavourable reading on a KPI, they have the chance to talk to the individual or team involved with that specific KPI. This is a great opportunity for our clients to teach the employees how to do things differently and perform better in order to reach set targets.

Receive important information:

Powerful reporting provides an immediate snapshot of the overall performance of any organisation. The real-time data that KPIs provide allow organisations to make systematic adjustments so that they are not left making frantic changes at the end of each month to reach their goals.

Encourage Accountability:

Without KPI reporting revealing vital statistics about performance, organisations run into the risk of making inaccurate decisions about employees during reviews. Organisations may assume that an employee is performing poorly because he/she has a perceived lack of company engagement, but they have no quantifiable proof. A KPI may reveal that an organisation’s assessment is incorrect and the perceived “poor performer” may have some favourable stats and delivers good results. On the contrary, poorly performing employees can hardly argue their case if their KPI stats show unfavourable readings.

Boost Morale:

Employee motivation and job satisfaction are extremely important in order to improve company performance and culture. It can often be difficult to motivate teams when set targets can only be achieved once a quarter or once a year. It can be quite rewarding and motivating for employees to receive positive reports for meeting certain KPIs in the interim. The results are often instant. It creates a sense of purpose and keeps them focused on meeting their goals.

To achieve the aforementioned benefits of KPI reporting, FinTrans are in the favourable position to provide our client with a highly-trained Cognos and SQL technical delivery team with engineering background that will be capable of delivering a broad range of the following “Analytics & Cognos Reporting” related services :

1. Ad-hoc Report Development under Analytics– SAP Concur’s reporting offering includes an “on-demand” hosted reporting and analytics service, included within your SAP Concur solution.

  • Create or modify detailed, actionable ad-hoc reports for our clients to control costs and more effectively manage employee spend
  • Schedule reports to run on a regular basis, according to a schedule, in the preferred format:
    • Schedule individual reports or multiple reports
    • Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
    • Associate schedule with each report or multiple schedules for the same report
  • Distribute the content of a report to a group of individuals

This service is seamlessly integrated with SAP Concur’s standard solutions, providing access to your organisation’s travel and expense data.

2. Complex Report Development using Intelligence – SAP Concur’s premium reporting and analytics offering. This optional service includes pre-built, best-practice reports and provides the advanced capability of building our clients’ own reports using Report Studio. Our reporting subject-matter experts are able to fully utilize their in-depth SQL experience in order to:

  • Include multiple queries, charts, and graphics (dashboards)
  • Embed and cascade queries for drill-down
  • Schedule distribution of query results by email

Intelligence service provides detailed visibility into all of our clients’ employee travel and expense data. Intelligence also provides organisations the ability to send timely and proactive email notifications with embedded budgets, corporate card spends, T&E spend, and other analytics to line managers (approvers) thru SAP Concur’s Actionable Analytics.

3. Deliver sophisticated “Analytics” Navigation Training Services to our clients– either web-based or on-site – on how to utilize “Query Studio” and “Cognos Connection” in order to:

  • Create ad-hoc queries by dragging and dropping data fields
  • Display queries as lists, crosstabs, or charts
  • Apply filters and create prompts
  • Specify format and language preferences

4. Help our clients to utilize the SAP Concur Intelligence extract comprised of all client required technical tables and key columns to be leveraged for custom reporting out of our clients’ own business warehouse

1. In an on-site session, our technical experts will…

  • …walk our clients through all key tables to identify the required columns based on data used today and to be used tomorrow for management & operational reporting and eliminate all other tables from the data extract.
  • …map the columns specific for our client, based on our clients’ Reporting Data Warehouse

2. When building the reporting solution, FinTrans will coordinate with SAP Concur to create the schema first and then generate the data file.

3. Our technical experts will manage the file provision from SAP Concur to our clients and coordinate:

  • The run of one-time job for the Metadata DDL file (SQL master data definition file)
  • The run of one-time job for the static configuration related file (Tables)
  • The first initial run of the daily transactional file