Customer Success Story: How Feld Entertainment Saves on Travel and Increases Online Booking Adoption

The global leader in live touring family entertainment experiences, Feld Entertainment is in the business of bringing people together, uplifting the human spirit, and putting on an awesome show.

Throughout the past 50 years, the Feld family has captivated millions of audience members in more than 75 countries across six continents with more than 3,600 shows each year. That means a lot of travel. Whether performing or behind the scenes, it is critical that everyone working to make each show great has a positive travel experience – from a nice place to stay to getting around in a new city. And it’s just as critical for Feld to provide that experience for employees without breaking the bank.

To manage trip booking, Feld uses the Concur Travel solution. Employees can book travel and manage changes on the go from the SAP Concur mobile app – saving time and making travel simpler and less stressful. Integration with a wide array of travel service partners means that travelers can choose the brands they love. Plus, Feld can negotiate discounted rates with preferred airlines, hotels, and other travel vendors.

Author – SAP Concur Team
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