Consulting Careers

The path to becoming a true consultant starts with developing skills and putting those skills to the test while gaining real world experience. At FinTrans, we encourage you to not just maintain but elevate your skills to meet client needs. As your skill set and experience grows, so do your opportunities. From Consultant to Manager, the path is clear at FinTrans.


Under general supervision, Consultant level employees perform moderately complex project tasks. These individuals are competent to work on most project activities, solving minor challenges following previous examples, but still require occasional instruction and guidance or supervisory consultation for project escalations. FinTrans offers Consultant-level employees gradually increasing autonomy to strengthen their confidence in problem solving and skills required for their specific role. Consultant-level employees are encouraged to attend industry aligned certification prep courses from FinTrans Library to help them further their knowledge base and grow their careers.

Typically, FinTrans’ Senior Consultants are certified individuals who have multiple years of in-depth T&E Process or SAP Concur deployment experience. Senior Consultants can direct and review the work of less experienced consultants and can create, devise, or modify procedures to solve complex challenges. To grow in their role, Senior Consultants can deepen their work experience by contributing to projects on broader programs, sometimes in a lead role as applicable, obtaining additional certifications, or by choosing to align with a particular industry as a subject matter expert. FinTrans Library offers industry-specific certification prep training to support next level career decisions.

FinTrans’ Managers have deep understanding of our clients’ needs in all areas impacted by the assigned engagement. Managers are responsible to instruct, direct, and check the work of other personnel as part of a project team or client engagement. FinTrans Managers engage in business and asset development and are responsible for managing Consultants and Senior Consultants careers. Additional tasks may include performing risk assessments, mobilising a project team, assigning individual responsibilities, identifying appropriate resource needs, or developing program schedules to ensure timely completion of the projects they independently manage.

Corporate Careers

Corporate Functions are the backbone of FinTrans, serving not just external business partners but also taking on the vital role of supporting the organisation, and its diverse businesses across the globe. Corporate Functions include domains ranging from Human Resources to Financial Functions. Corporate function employees serve in different capacities with a wide-range of responsibilities. Whichever role you choose, you will be a part of a team that shares a commitment to excellence.

Leadership Careers

As FinTrans, we endeavour to provide a challenging platform for professionals who will be our change agents and catalysts. Our employees will be torchbearers of FinTrans’ diligence and endurance to excel and redefine limits of solutions and technology to make our clients successful through thought leaderships and account management expertise. Employees engaging within FinTrans in such a capacity will be delivering to our clients as Senior Managers, Associate Directors or Directors.

FinTrans’ Global Strategic Hiring Team is focused on engaging with such talented professionals in the market. If you have over a decade or more of experience in pursuit of excellence in various areas of business process transformation and are looking for challenging opportunities to your fire within, look no further. Our consultants respect privacy and will get in touch with you to discuss opportunities that will align with your goals.

Technology Careers

FinTrans delivers winning business outcomes through its rich industry experience and offers their own leading-practice perspective on employee reimbursement through cloud solutions, helping clients in transforming their T&E end-to-end process. SaaS, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics and intelligence are changing the course of business strategies across sectors.
A successful organisation requires cutting-edge T&E reimbursement solution and process automation. We deliver all kinds of services to help our clients achieve business targets and operational efficiencies.